Friday, September 5, 2014

And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.

(Joh 2:3 KJV)
Jesus and his disciples were invited to a wedding. My study tells me that it is probable that the couple getting married were a God-fearing couple else it is unlikely that Mary would have been there or Jesus would have accepted the invitation.
It is also likely that the problem with the lack of wine developed as a direct result of Jesus and the disciples being there. It is possible that the invitation to Jesus and those with him came as a result of His mother being there to begin with and the invitation was extended naturally upon discovering that He would be enroute to meet up with her. A last second invite; a friend to the soon-to-be newly created family indeed. This is borne out in the number of jars that Jesus would eventually ask be filled with water. Six disciples traveled with Jesus to the wedding and six jars would be filled with water and turned into wine. As it would turn out despite the temporary embarrassment, there would be more than enough wine for everybody there. It would also happen that the governor of the feast would point out to the (I'm sure surprised bridegroom), that the best was kept until the last. The event would end to everyone's satisfaction after all.

When we consider Jesus' participation with us in our lives, oftentimes we might find ourselves in similarly difficult situations. The love and want to be obedient are there but the wherewithal just doesn't seem to be. The Christian life is not an easy one to navigate at times after all. Sometimes we have to take stock of the question that Jesus asks Mary to discover what it is that God is trying to teach us in any particular situation. "Jesus said to her,
'Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me?" The answer to that question just may well be the key to overcoming in those hard to deal with situations where it seems that in faith, we might have bit off more than we could chew. Jesus never leaves us to our own devices. As long as we take the time to acknowledge that He is there, He is faithful to make sure that we don't end up in a place of shame. Jesus wants to be involved in every area of our life. Here in our story it was a marriage. Out there with you it could be your work, home, social life, or relationships. His death and resurrection has made it so that we never need to wonder about His being here with us. Make sure you always have that invitation in the mail. Don't ever let yurself be lulled into believing for any reason your mind might devise that He isn't there with you. "I will never leave you or forsake you." You can be sure He never will. soli deo gloria

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